Term of use
◆1.Service contents and Terms of Use
1 3.0 (called “the company” as follows) Co., Ltd. provides unmited clubbing service. called, “the service”as follows).
2 In terms of using unlimited clubbing service, please make sure that you read and agree Terms of Use (called “Terms of Use” as follows).
3 We consider that the user of unlimited clubbing has agreed Terms of Use.
4 There is a charge for using unimited clubbing service. The guidance for the rate is in Article 4.

◆2.Use of unlimited service
1 age limit
In the case younger than 18 years, you are not allowed to use the service.
2 prohibited matter
① The user needs to use unlimitd clubbing service under the terms of use.
The users need to understand the use of serivice with appropriate purpose.
② The user shall agree the use of service outside the scope of a manner as following
1.Infringe the right (including a patent, a trademark, a trade secret, a copyright, privacy, publicity, right of likeness or other proprietary rights or personal rights) of the third party.
2.Access unmimited clubbing service and make an index or a flame, or use the technique and other method to access the link not allowed by us.
(It includes any illegal download of contents, streaming capture, link generationg, access control mechanism, neutralization, and etc.)
c Accessing the service with any type of automated service such as “robot”, “spider”, and “offline reader”(the contents are included.)
Excluding search engine or index that has linkage with the contents that are used for illigal hosting or infringes information of third party, personal access or search, to the extent that the search is allowed to a certain degree to conduct documenting search index for all you can go service.
d. Jamming the software, the computer, hardware or the communication equiment using a virus, and destroying or transferring computer codes, a file or a program.
e Destroying, neutralizing, jamming, or illegally accessing the service(including network or user information)
f Damaging, editing, deleting or hiding the commercials regarding the service (including the contents)
g Using the service for an un-authorized purpose such as ads or promotion.
h.Collecting personal information by violating privacy policy.
i Promoting any act that can be constituted as criminal offense
j Violating the user policy or any company guideline
k Intervening a usage of third party upon using the service
l Any action promoting either one of the above
3 Should the company assess that the user violated any of the articles of Terms of Service, the company shall be granted with the right to restrict or cancel the subscription of the service of such user.
4 Prohibition of spam mail
① The company prohibits any usage of the service for the purpose of sending or distributing spam mails or any other type of unauthorized mail.
② A user hereby acknowledges and approves any type of technical actions from the company to prevent any intrusion of third party to computer network/communication in order to promote or distribute spam mail or any other type of unauthorized mail.
③ Should the user sends or distributes any type of spam mails to other users using the service, he or she shall be charged with penalty (4,000 yen per message).
5 Stop / cancellation
① A user acknowledges and approves any act of cancellation, alteration, suspension of the company upon user’s subscription status without informing the user at any time.
② The company shall not be subject to any responsibility upon a user’s alteration, suspension, or cancellation of the service.
③ A user may not be able to acquire refund after the user is suspended or banned from the service due to his or her liability. The payment shall continue unless the user cancels subscription.
6 Internet use charges
All the internet use upon using the service shall be handled by the user.
7 customer service
Please feel free to contac the following contact addresses, if you have inquiry.
Address:Roppongi , Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan

◆3.Registration and Fee
1 Please acknowledge that the following fee will be charged upon using the service.
The fee structure is as follows.
Monthly plan (3,900 yen for one month)
Weekly plan (2,900 yen for one week)
2 Fee request
A user acknowledges and approves that the company shall be granted with an authority to charge the user via the methods set forth by the user, such as credit card, etc. (“payment methods”), once the user registers the service and agrees to use his or her designated payment methods for making payment for service and additional charges (“usage fee”).
3 A user acknowledges and agrees to follow the payment regulation and rules set forth by credit card issuing company and following articles.
i. The payment shall be made until the user stops its subscription service.
ii. The user must update the payment method, upon any changes of payment method details (credit card number, expiration date, etc.)
iii. Should there be any payment method changes other than specified above such as creating new credit card, the user must make sure to update the credit card information.
iv.A user must make sure that the payment properly be conducted to maintain his or her subscription status.
4 The company shall charge the monthly user every month for his or her usage of service, and one time for weekly user for their first use.
5. A user shall not receive the refund of the service fee or any type of charges upon cancelling the subscription or withdrawing its registration from the service.
6 To continue subscription
The subscription will remain in force until withdrawing from the service. The monthly payment and extra charge for taxes shall be made in accordance with the designated payment method (or the updated payment method).
7 Unpaid amount
Upon the incurrence of the unpaid amount, a user shall be required to pay the unapid amount and other required cost for recollecting the unpaid amount (including the fee for the payment recollect agent, payment for the lawyer upon arbitration or suit) required for unpaid amount of money or other collection to us.

◆4.Member account
1. It is required to create an account upon using the service.
2. Any usage of family or other their party of the original user’s account shall solely be responsible for the user. Should there be any access of the third party other than the original user, it shall be deemed as though the said third party acknowledges the responsibility and required actions upon using the service.
3. All the submitted account information must be accurate and updated. Please make sure that you take a good security measure for your password. The password must not be disclosed to other third party. Any usage of the account (even by the third party) will be responsible for the user. Thus, please be extra careful for the password of the service. Should you believe that the account might have been breached, please inform us immediately by submiting a format. Also, should you have any change upon the personal information, please inform us immediately.
4. Should the company have a reasonable ground that the user have violated any of the regulation or rules of the service, the company shall retain its authority to suspend or cancel the registration status of the user without pre-informing the user.
5. The company shall be granted with authority to suspend or cancel the subscription of the user, should the user interferes with the network or the server of the service.

◆5.Collection and use of the personal information
Regarding the collection and use of the personal information of the company, please refer to the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy will constitute a part of the Terms of Use. Thus, the agreement of the Terms of Use is deemed as agreeing to the Privacy Policy.

◆6.Comments of the users, etc.
1 Posting of users.
The scope of the review comments of the users of the service (“comments, etc.”) must be limited to the reviews of the service upon posting, submitting, and etc. (“posting”).
2 It is forbidded to post any comments regarding the following: a and b.
1.Any illegal act, rights abuse, obscene comments, slandering, threatening, harassment, vulgarity, disrespect, unpleasant racial discrimination or ethnic discrimination, a criminal activity, civil liability, violation of laws and ordinances, infringement of right of the third party including intellectual property rights, and other things that the company assessed to be inappropriate
2. Pretending to be someone else.
3 Please do not post any of the personal information such as email address, phone number, address or etc.
4 The user addresses and guarantees that his or her comments, etc. shall not infringe upon any third party (including privacy, publicity right and intellectual property rights). In addition to the beforementioned statement, the user shall agree to pay all royalties, fee and other amounts of money to remedy the infringement of the said party by the user. Upon the notice of comment infringing the right of others sent to the company, the company shall delete the pertinent comment upon receiving the notice. The user agrees that we do not guarantee confidentiality about any comment.
5 A user acknowledges that upon posting comments on the service, he or she provides restricted license for the company upon reproduction of the comment in all the countries of the world through possible media forms that may be created in future, and upon usage, editing, distributing, deleting the comment for secondary use for public. This license is non exclusive (i.e., the license can be provided to other parties other than the company), cost-free, and royalty-free (i.e., the payment from the company to the user is unnecessary) and the grant of the sublicense is possible (the comments can be shared by subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, and internet contents broadcasting entities, ).
6 Upon posting comments, the user approves of the restricted rights of use for posting, distributing, etc. of the comments to other users of the service in accordance with the scope permitted by this Terms.

◆7.Change of the Terms of Use through the company
1 The company may change the Terms of Use at any time by placing the Terms of Use on the site(http://3-0inc.com/).
2 The update of the Terms of Use shall be effective after 30 days since the company uploaded on the website.
3 The users registered or agreed the Terms of Use during the abovementioned 30 days of the waiver period shall be applied with the updated version immediately.

◆8.exemption clause
1 The company shall not be responsible for any damages done by the members or any other third party upon its service, provision of information, etc. However, should there be a reasonable ground that the company may have incurred such incident, the company shall remedy the pertinent damage up to the payment amount of the user for the past 12 months from the date of the incident occurred (in case less than 12 months, the whole amount that the user paid to the company). Any collateral, indirect, extraordinary, futuristic damages shall not be attributed to the company.
2 The company shall put its utmost efforts on preserving the personal information upon the operation of the service. However, the company shall not guarantee the preservation of the information from any leakage, theft, loss, and damage.
3 The company shall not guarantee safety, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, currentness, compatibility, lawfulness, the morality about information upon the operation of the service and the email sent to the users.
4 The company shall not intervene with the information of the website and it shall not be liable upon the truthfulness of the contents.
5 The company shall take no responsibility for the damage that other users or any third party incurred against the user.
6 The company shall not take responsibility for the damage incurred for the user or any third party due to the ill reception function of the email box of the user.
7 The company shall not be responsible for the suspension, postponement, etc. of the event, club, live, etc. listed on the service.
8 The company shall not be responsible for the organization of the event, club, live, etc. listed on the service. Also, it shall not be responsible for the denial of the user’s entry by the affiliate hosts.

◆9.General terms
1 Translation of applicable law and jurisdiction
The Terms of Use shall be interpreted in accordance with the Japanese law. Upon a dispute occurance in conjunction with the service, the Tokyo District Court shall be the arbitration court for the first trial.
2 The Terms of Use (including our privacy policy incorporated in these Terms of Use, our application, and end user licensing agreement attached to the device) constitute a legal agreement between the user and the company and it shall be applied upon the usage of the service and completely replace any agreement in the past between the user and the company.
3 Should there be partial illegal, non-effective, not executible clauses identified in the future, the rest of the Terms of Use shall remain effecitve and the pertinent clause stated above shall not influen the Terms of Use.
4 Although the Terms be ineffective for a certain user, the Terms shall remain effective to other users.
5 The company shall deliver messages regarding system renewal, maintenance, etc. to the users of the service via email or any other method the company designates. Should there be any contact required from the company to users, the company shall use phone number to reach out to the users.

Established on April 1, 2016