◆ Contact
Please contact us by e-mail
※ Please refrain from direct inquiries to the store

◆ Registration status
NEON has two registration status.
Condition: Account registration required
Fee: Free
Function: Viewing events only
【Book registration】
Condition: Account registration required
Price: charged (MONTHLY PLAN / Monthly ¥ 3,900 WEEKLY PLAN / ¥ 2,900)
Function: All functions including reservation, entry are available

◆ Steps for using the service
The basic steps are as follows.
STEP 1 Account registration
STEP 2 Event reservation
STEP 3 Selection of settlement method and subscription plan
STEP 4 Entry

STEP 1 Account registration
→ You can register from Facebook or email address

STEP 2 Event reservation
Making reservation for the event you want to visit during a week.

· You can make reservation for only one event. You cannot make reservation before 30 minutes since you entered the club.
· In principle you may not enter the same event for 2 times for a day.(No re entrance)

STEP 3 Selection of settlement method and subscription plan
Unregistered users will be transferred to registration page upon clicking the reservation button.
a, First, register the settlement method.
→ You can use credit card (Visa, JCB, MasterCard), Paypal payment, and pre paid card
B. Continue to select the subscription plan.
→ Currently we offer two plans: MONTHLY PLAN (all-you-can-go for 3 months at 3,900 yen per month), WEEKLY PLAN (2,900 yen for 7 days all-you-can-go)

· You will not be charged just by a. “establishing a settlement method”. The charge will start after you complete “selection of subscription plan”.

STEP 4 Entry
· On the day of the event, please show the ticket upon making an entrance. Ticket screen can be checked from My ticket list

· It is not possible to enter before the start time of the event
· The entry button does not react unless it is within 100 meters of the event venue
→ In order to identify your location with GPS, please make sure that you put your location information on and locate yourself at a reachable place using signal.
· Please make sure you have the entrance button pushed by the club staff. If by any chance you push yourself before entering the event you may not be able to enter the event.

– About the friend invitation function
The friend invitation function is a function that offers a 900 yen discount to both the “invitor” and “invitee” when the user invites a new user to the application and the user completes registration.
◼︎ Detailed explanation
When you look at “GET coupon code” of MyPage, you will be able to see “invitation code”.
You can share the code with users who have not registered (= not monthly charged).
The invitee will receive the code and the discount of 900 yen will be applied.
Anyone who has registered can use the code, and the invitee may use the service from the first month after receiving the coupon code from the NEON invitor.
Also, you can save points, invite more than 5 people, and you can use the service for free by using the points. * Up to 50,000 points can be accumulated for points
You can also share the invitation code with blogs and SNS. Let’s share your invitation code to club users and maximize your benefit upon using the service.

◆ Important notice.
1. About reservation cancellation
Cancellation of the reservation can be done at any time until the event expiration date. There is also no penalty associated with cancellation
Operating procedure: My ticket list → Event tab under reservation → Tap the [Entry / reservation cancellation] button at the bottom of the details screen → tap [cancel reservation] → complete

2. Contingent situation
There can be situations where you can be restricted to enter the club due to some contingent situations.

3. Regarding rules for each store
Please be advised that you will be checked for your dress code, ID, etc. upon entering club. NEON will not bear any restricted entrance of users upon their restriction of the said items.

4. Regarding cell phone signal
Please make sure that you use the cell phone inside a reachable space. You will not be able to use the service if you cannot use the signal.

5. When registering with a debit card or prepaid type credit card
Due to the nature of the credit card, when the settlement method registration before the subscription plan selection, the relevant amount of money may be temporarily withdrawn from the account due to the authentication (credit) of the card. The period of time until the refund is completed varies depending on the card issuing company, but it may take about approximately 60 days (depending on the issuing company, it may take more than that)
Please contact directly to your card issuing company for the detailed required time until refund

◆ Explanation of various functions
· You may check the list of a week event.
· By tapping each event, it is possible to make a transition to the event detail page and make a reservation
ーMy Ticket
· Reserved events
→ You can check the currently scheduled event
→ Tickets before entry can be viewed on this page.
· Past Events
→ History of events that have entered in the past will be displayed
· It is currently under development. Please check the update in the future!
ーMy Page
· GET the coupon code
→ Transit to a friend invitation screen
·Terms of service
→ Link to Terms of Service
·Privacy policy
→ Link to privacy policy
· Help and notes
→ Link to this page
Registration status
→ The status of the current registration is displayed
→You can also change the status by operating the button
· Contract renewal date
→ For registered users, the next contract renewal date is stated. For unregistered users “-” is displayed.
The version of the application you are using is listed

◆ About registration cancellation
In the following procedure, you can cancel the subscription.
Procedure: MyPage → registration status → button slide → Complete
* Once the subscription is cancelled, the user will be automatically be “unregistered”. You will not be able to make reservation of event or to make entrance of the club. Viewing the list of event will still be available.

◆ About repayment
By Terms of Use, it is unrefundable in principle. However, it will be allowed only by the following cases.
The unused portion of the subscription.
The unused portion will be only acknowledged only if the cancellation is conducted within the settlement date.
If the user has coupon.
The first month is free, and the discounted coupon(excluding the coupons acquired after contacting the service center.)