Q.What is unlimited clubbing servie?

A service for you to enter as many clubs as you want at the fixed amount of 3,900JPY (MONTHLY PLAN) or 2,900JPY(WEEKLY PLAN).
You can think of the serive as Netflix and hulu of clubbing.

Q.Can I go all the clubs?

No. Only the clubs coorporated with us is available.
As you may know, there are movies available on Netflix but some are not. Thus, we also have clubs available and not.
We cover 17 clubs in Tokyo area.

Q.How do I use?

You need to follow the steps as following → book an event → going to the club → show your ticket → enter
It is unusual to make a reservation to go to a club, but a reservation is necessary before making entrance through NEON.
Upon the event start time, the ticket screen is enabled. Please show the screen to the club staff upon entrance. Entrance is completed when the staff pushs the entrance button.
There may be ID check or the security check depending on each club policy, but there is no need of payment upon making an entrance.

Q.How do I make payment?

Like Netflix and hulu, the payment is carried out by online payment system.
Please choose the settlement method before choosing a plan.
The payment systems such as credit card (Visa,JCB,MasterCard), the Paypal settlement, a pre paid card can be used for making a payment.
You cannot make payment via convenience store.

Q.Are there any user restrictions? For example, is there any restriction for the frequency of entrance, etc.?

No. There is no restriction upon how many times you enter NEON.
The event is on every day. You can literally visit event every day.

Q. Am I allowed to re-enter?

In principle, you cannot reserve the same event twice a day.

Q.Is the drink ticket included?

It is not included. NEON is different from the usual course of entering club. For example, “One drink for 3,500 yen” will not be provided via using NEON.
However, there are some places you can get 1 drink or 1 shot despite using NEON
Please check the details on event list.

Q. Can I use NEON only via iPhone app?

No. NEON has iPhone app and web version.
The functions included in web version and application are the same. You can make access via Android using web version.
In case of using Android, please make an access to the following URL (https://web.neonapp.club).

Q.Can I cancel subscription?

Yes. Please check MyPage for cancelling the subscription.

Q. I still cannot understand how to use the servce. Please help.

Please check the following contact address to get help.
Our employee from NEON will help you understand the service better.